Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Swimming class - week 8 our penultimate beginners class

This week was our penultimate beginners class.

I had been debating whether to take Baby M to his class as he has been so upset with his teeth, however last night he slept a little better so I thought we would go and see how we got on.

The pool was sooooo cold this week!! Even with his wetsuit on Baby M could tell the difference in the water temperature - I knew this wasn't going to be a good class.

We did our usually swimming and splish splashing however Baby M was grumpy throughout

We didn't do any of the underwater swims this week - due to the temperature of the pool and Baby M being grumpy with his teeth both myself and our instructor thought it would be best if he didn't do them

We did a new swim - mummy has a foam tube under her arms and wrapped round her back (it's called the armchair swim if that helps you visualise it better).  Baby lies on their back with their head under your chin and lying on your chest.  You then lie on your back and kick across the pool.  Saying none of us had done it before we all did a pretty good job!

Next week is our last beginners class, we then move up a class and to a new (warmer) pool