Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Swimming class - week 6

We are more than half way through our beginners swimming class

This week the clocks moving forward has totally thrown us, we had our pre-swimming routine down to a fine art, the clocks going forward totally messed that up.  Baby M didn't have his pre-swimming nap - I knew that would mean we'd probably be cranky.

Again another week where the class didn't disappoint.  We did all our normal routines, the babies are definitely getting used to them now and enjoying themselves.

This week our first underwater swim was like last week and we had to let baby go, touch the wall then pick them up. 

This week we did our second underwater moving swim where we let baby go.  I'm not sure if I put Baby M too deep or whether by this point (20mins) into the class he had had enough but he cried and continued to be a bit grumpy. 

Our instructor gave me a spaceship and I blew bubbles to see if this would distract him but I think he was just a little too tired.  He didn't do the 3rd underwater swim due to the fact we thought there was no point upsetting him further.  He did cheer up a little after that though and finished the class.

We now have a 2 week break for Easter.  We are going to keep doing Name, Ready, Go in the bath to keep that up whilst we have the break.  I'm hoping that by the time we go back to class we will have him in a better morning routine and we won't have the tiredness issue we had for this lesson.