Monday, 28 April 2014

Daddy is back to work

Today Daddy goes back to work

I'm so pleased that he is feeling much better.

It was a night of broken sleep last night due to his anxiety about going back but I reassured him that is completely normal.  We all have Sunday night blues/worries normally so it's only natural he will feel anxious after a long time away from work.

He's on a phased return so we will be seeing him back at home by lunchtime each day this week.

Baby M & I will now be on our own during the day.

This week we are meeting some friends for coffee/lunch on top of swimming and baby group.  We only really have Thursday as a day we have nothing on - I think we will have a mummy & baby day that day.

Next week my sister in law is visiting for a few days then the week after my brother is down for a week.  It's great for Baby M to have visitors, especially with everyone living so far away, he changes so quickly

I'm a little worried how I will manage on my own, I'm so used to having Mr M by my side.  But I think it will be positive for both Baby M & myself, we can develop our confidence & independence together. 

I am sure we will all be fine!!