Monday, 10 March 2014

23snaps - useful app & website

As I have mentioned before we don't live near any of our family.

When I was pregnant we were looking for a way to share photos of my bump with family so they could see how much I was growing.  We also wanted a way to share photos of Baby M once he was born. 

I am not a huge fan of putting photos of Baby M on Facebook, yes we have put a few photos on but I could count them on one hand.  Plus not all of our family are on Facebook.

We discovered 23snaps.  We use it as an app on our phones but you can also log into the website.

You invite who you want to be able to view you photos, so you know who can see them.  They can either download the app or sign into the website.  They will get a notification email every time you add a photo.  you can add family members so I have Baby M as a member, this allows me to add information like his weight and height so our family have access to that information too.

When you add a photo you can put a description if you like.  Your friends and family can then add comments or like/love/smile at the photo.

We love using the app as it's a great way for us to share Baby M growing with everyone.  Plus when he does funny things we can share them instantly with everyone.

I'd definitely recommend 23snaps.

Disclaimer: Views are my own, this post is not sponsored by 23snaps