Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Swimming class - week 5

This week we have decided our swimming future, we are moving pools and days but keeping the same instructor.  The pool we are moving to is a hydrotherapy pool and therefore much warmer than the pool we are currently using.  The 3 other mums are going to a new pool opening in June and staying on the same day but starting the class we are doing again.  I would have to change class anyway to a weekend (when our new class is) anyway when I go back to work so I thought it was silly going to the same class as everyone else then having to change again.

Our class this week was BRILLIANT!!!

Baby M enjoyed it for a start :).  Our instructor asked me to try wetting his head in preparation for going underwater as he appears to get a shock.  We tried this before our first underwater swim and it seemed to work - he still cried but quickly stopped after a hug.

Our first underwater swim I had to let go - I was petrified (as were the other mums!).  We have to do a normal underwater swim but let go, touch the wall then pick up baby.  Baby M was fine (of course) and even did a little kicking.

We then did the usual splish splash, humpty dumpty and space ships.

We then did our next underwater swim where we swam in a circle then baby did a moving underwater swim.  Again we wet Baby M's head prior to this, again he cried but was easily reassured with a hug when he surfaced.

More splish splash, lying on our back, etc.

The for our final underwater swim.  This time the instructor held baby and we had to let them swim a little then pick them up.  Baby M did so well, he had great kicking action and did his first proper unassisted underwater swim!! Even our instructor commented on his kicking.  **PROUD PARENT**

Again a cry but cuddles and he was fine.

We ended with twinkle twinkle again - I don't know why but Baby M doesn't like this.  As soon as I turned him on his front the crying stopped.  He was fine when we did the lying on our backs though.  Every week he cries at twinkle twinkle!!

I'm really looking forward to next week!!