Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Swimming class - number 2 and 3

Baby M is loving his swimming classes.

Last week he attended his 2nd class.  He did his first underwater swim! There was no crying!! He did so well, we had proper proud parent moments!!

As baby was swimming we put a space ship between our arms and blew bubbles into the water.  Baby M thought this was hilarious, there were lots of smiles.    

We are practicing our Name, Ready Go's in the bath still every time, he now closes his eyes as he knows the water is coming - such a clever boy!!

This week was his 3rd class - again we did 2 underwater swims.  Baby M had his vaccinations the day before and was a little grumpy.  After the 2nd underwater swim he had a cry so we didn't do a 3rd with everyone else.

He really enjoyed the spaceship again, there were lots of giggles.  He also enjoyed sitting on the side of the pool for humpty dumpty and Name, Ready, Splash.  He's so nosey!!

I feel our swimming classes are going really well.  Although Baby M was a little grumpy today he had a reason - plus we all have bad days.

We're looking forward to next week already!!!