Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Baby M, poorly boy

Poor Baby M hasn't been well. 

At first we thought he was teething as he was displaying all the symptoms.  He had runny poos, hands constantly in his mouth, rosey cheeks (but no temperature) and a red bum.  I gave him some teething gel and the incidents of hands in mouth significantly decreased.  He has seemed his normal chatty smiley self throughout the whole time he hasn't been well. 

However the next day he had 3 runny poos in the space of 1.5hrs - this wasn't right.  We contacted the GP who phoned us back and said he thought Baby M had a viral infection.  As he was having his bottle the GP wasn't concerned about him becoming dehydrated.  He just told us that it will pass and it's better out than in.

We just need to keep monitoring Baby M and if there's any change contact the GP again.  Hopefully he will be on the mend very soon!

We need to keep away from other children until he is better as to not spread the infection.