Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our first family holiday

We are really lucky that my folks have a caravan in Northumberland - great for our first family holiday away.

We went for 5 days - long enough to enjoy being away but not too long that we had to pack the whole house.  Wow one thing about going away with a baby, you need half the house!! 

The caravan is very modern - it has gas central heating, shower, oven - everything you need for a comfortable trip.  Thank god for the central heating, we took our GroEgg with us and the first night we had the central heating on for 30 mins or so every hour and a bit but the egg went blue.  After that we had the heating on constantly through the night.  

We had decided on our first full day that we wanted to go to Alnwick Castle, however it was shut (I later discovered there is walk you can do without having to go into the castle but I didn't know that at the time).  The next time we go to the caravan I will be doing my research before hand. 

Both Mr M & I want Baby M to grow up enjoying the outdoors.  When I was younger we used to walk a lot and both my brother and I were (and still are) really interested in wildlife.  I'd love that for Baby M too. 

We went for walks in Morpeth's Carlisle park.  We walked along the river in Rothbury.  We went to Etal and a lovely walk along the river.  We went to Alnmouth beach. 

We had a lovely time!

Baby M seemed to enjoy everywhere we went.  I know he can't appreciate it really yet but it's a start.  He didn't mind being in either his carrier or pushchair. 

We had such a lovely time we are already planning our next trip next week.  The break is also doing Mr M the world of good.