Thursday, 20 March 2014

Useful travelling items - what we found useful going on holiday

We found a few items helpful whilst we were away.  Now I know these items won't be helpful to everyone as we were lucky that the caravan is my folks but I would take these items for visiting family too.


We got our travel cot from kiddicare, I was a little worried that Baby M wouldn't like it as he's only slept in his moses basket but he slept fine the first night and the rest of the time we were away.  We got a mattress as well to make sure his sleep was super comfortable and slept him in sleeping bags rather than sheets.  We will also do this when he moves to his cot as he kicks his sheets off at times in the moses basket and I would be worried he will smother himself.  Sleeping bags are a great idea as they keep baby cosy but safe.  We also put him in his sleeping bag before bed so we didn't have to faff about and wake him up.  I don't mind changing his nappy with the sleeping bag on but Mr M isn't so keen.


We bought a travel steriliser from Morrison's, it's a kiddicare one.  It was rubbish!! It says you can fit 2 bottles in it, I don't know how!! We had to put one bottle and put it on it's side.  The top didn't fit that great either.  In the end (after lots of stressing on my part) we bought an Avent Classic from Argos and left that at the caravan.  My mum will take it to her house for when we go and visit.  For feeding Baby M on the go we were probably a little lazy and got the pre made Aptamil bottles.  We thought this was a much easier way to feed him as we would be out and about and wouldn't know when we would be feeding him.  I know you can fill bottles with hot water and have the formula in container as we do that at home but we thought for ease the pre made bottles would be easier.  It was a quick way of ensuring Baby M was fed.


My mum bought us a travel mobile from Babies r us.  I wasn't sure whether Baby M would be interested as he sleeps a lot in the car at home but it was a great way to keep him entertained!! He loved the dangling parts and looking at himself in the mirror.  We have kept it in the car since we came home as he loved it so much.  We also have a Lindam mirror so I can see him in my rear view mirror.  Mr M can also see him if he turns round.  It is more for our reassurance as we can see him and check he is ok even when he's sleeping.


When my mum said she had found a travel bath I wasn't that convinced but when we used the Tippitoes folding bath we were pleasantly surprised.  The bath is a really good size, it is supposed to last baby until they are 2.  The plug is blue and turns white when the water is too hot.  It also folds completely flat meaning it is great for travelling.