Monday, 24 March 2014

Mother's Day - to gift or not to gift

This weekend is Mother's Day, it will be my first! 

Growing up we never celebrated Mother's Day.  My mum's birthday is in March and she didn't want us buying her anything - as she said it's a 'Hallmark Day'.  I've often been surprised how upset some people have got when they haven't got anything and also how much some people spend.

I don't expect Baby M to get me things for Mother's Day when he is older, if he makes things as nursery or school that's different.  I think I'd much rather handmade things rather than bought anyway - means so much more!!

I started writing a Mother's Day gift guide but actually it doesn't just have to be Mother's Day - it can be birthday, Christmas or that looks nice lets buy it!

As a first time mum there have been lots of things I have seen that I would like to get to celebrate the fact we are now mummy and daddy to our gorgeous little boy.

How do you find these items?!  Gift apps are one great way of finding unique and different gifts that you maybe wouldn't find in high street stores.  I love the Gift Club App.  You can create a wishlist which is searchable so you don't have to send it to friends and family and feel like you are demanding certain gifts.  The wishlist can be actual items you've seen which you can add photos or URLs for or requests for a lie in or someone else to do the hoovering. 

I love photo gifts - we just got some photos from a photographer and they are great!! I got Mr M a photo mug for his Christmas which he is going to take to work and I love the idea of canvas'.  We also have an iPad cover with photos.  There are so many things you can get photos on now I would love a gift like this!

I love jewellery!  There are so many different mummy necklaces and bracelets that I have seen that I really want.  I have treated myself to 2 already, one from Silvercraft Design with our names on and another from Mama Jewels with a heart and our birthstones.  I love the idea of fingerprint charms for my Pandora bracelet and also love the bracelets with discs you can put baby's name and DOB on.

I love flowers, you can get so many gorgeous bouquets! I suppose flowers are the more traditional Mother's Day gift alongside chocolate.  The only downside is the fact they don't last that long.

All mums love pamper time and don't really get much of it.  I love spa days and massages but if that's a bit out of your price range you can get lovely sets for mum to have a soak in a bubble bath, a facial and do her nails.

Maybe you can cook mum her favorite meal or buy her a bottle of Eisberg Alcohol free wine.  I might appear a little neurotic here but I don't really like drinking much at the moment as I don't want to be under the influence when looking after Baby M.  Eisberg is great as it tastes like wine but doesn't have the alcohol.  It's great for pregnant mums and breastfeeding mums too.  You have a choice of red, white (chardonnay) and rose.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day whatever you do!