Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Swimming Class - week 4

This weeks swimming lesson started with a bit of bad news - our classes are no longer going to continue at the pool we currently use.  To be honest after the lesson myself and the other mums discussed this and we all felt the same - let down.  We are a beginners class and it started 5 weeks ago (we started a week after everyone else) surely it was known when we booked the classes that the pool wasn't going to be used for much longer.  The other options aren't that great for me (or from discussion with the other mums for them either) we all felt a little let down that this hadn't been explained to us earlier.  We have some thinking to do!  And we have to think quick as the rebooking period has already started. 

The class was really good as always, our instructor is great!

We did our usual splish splash, underwater swims and humpty dumpty among other things.  We did start "hold on" this week.  We sat the babies on our knees and put their hands flat on the side of the pool and said in their ear "hold on" continually.  One of the babies even held on - great for his first time!

Baby M and another baby who are the youngest in the group didn't quite grasp it but there's lots of time for that. 

Baby M laughed again throughout the lesson.  The only times he cried was due to going underwater but a hug from mummy and he was fine - the instructor doesn't think there's anything wrong with his breathing as he cries as soon as he surfaces, she thinks he doesn't like the cold as he makes a shocked cry.  He is like his mum in that respect, I don't like cold either!

We are looking forward to next week's lesson but also having a think about our options for our swimming future