Friday, 28 March 2014

Baby M's Favourite Toys

Baby M is getting more and more interested in his toys.  Now he can grab them (and generally put them in his mouth) he seems more interested than when we just held them in front of him. 

He has a few favourites at the moment

Mamas & Papas Chewy Chick
This is one of Baby M's most played with toys.  He has always loved it when we shake the bird as it chirps but now he can hold toys he can (kind of) do it himself.  Plus he can hold it with both hands as the wings are hoops he can easily grasp.  He wants to put the teether on the top in his mouth but it usually ends up in his eye.  It has different textures too, he likes holding the legs

Lamaze Pupsqueak
Baby M has had this since birth and loves the barking noise made when you press the dogs nose (so does my mum's dog when she visits!).  We've just discovered his bottom squeaks too - Baby M loves squeaky noises.  Now he can touch toys he loves the dogs crinkly ears.  When he knocks the dogs bone a bell sounds which he likes too.  The toy comes with a clip which means you can attach it to the buggy too, which is great when we are out and about and Baby M gets a little grumpy.  Again he tries to put any part in his mouth!

Sophie la Girafe
Who doesn't love Sophie?!?! She squeaks which Baby loves but he can also hold on her legs.  He tries to put her head in his mouth but its still a little big, he obviously hasn't worked out that he could put her on her side to make this a little easier.  Sophie is a great way to get his attention and I think she will become more and more prominent in his favourite toy selection as he gets a little older

Mamas and Papas Snug
Now I know the Snug isn't technically a toy but we have the play tray.  It is encouraging Baby M to reach out and explore what is in front of him.  He loves the spinning ball and he can easily spin this himself.  There is a pad in the middle which squeaks and you can turn it over to have either and elephant or an apple.  He can't quite reach the items at the back of the tray yet but he loves watching us spin and rattle them.  I think this will interest him more and more as he develops

We are always looking for new ways to entertain and develop Baby M so if you have any suggestions please let me know!!