Friday, 21 March 2014

Getting measured for the right bra post baby

I thought I knew my bra size but as my body has changed quite a bit from having Baby M I thought I would get myself measured just to make sure.  I was so wrong!!  I had been wearing a 36D but was measured as 32E - er slightly different!!

Once I tried on new bras in the correct size I felt the difference immediately, I felt much more supported.  The lovely lady who measured me said I needed a moulded bra, which I agree with as they felt much more secure.

Around the back area there was no longer any over hang or rolls like I had been experiencing.  I could wear some of my tops that I'd been avoiding due to the fat rolls.

I would definitely recommend every mum get measured post baby, you might be surprised by the results, as I was!

Now I get to treat myself to some new underwear - shopping trip!!!