Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sharing a room with a baby

It is recommended that your baby sleep in your room for 6 months following birth.  This is so you can easily monitor the baby, feed the baby and also gives you peace of mind - you aren't reliant on a monitor and constantly running through to another room as you haven't heard a noise in 10 seconds.

Every baby is different but Baby M is a noisy sleeper!!!  My mum had told me that with me as a baby she had managed to have me sleep in her room for a few weeks but with my brother she had only managed a night before putting him in his cot due to the noises he made.  I laughed this off when she told me but I'm now understanding what she was talking about.

Sharing a room with a baby gives you peace of mind but also drives you a little crazy.  Baby M grunts, snorts, huffs, puffs, squeaks, sounds like a horse - you name it he makes the noise.  However as soon as he goes into a proper sleep and the noises stop I find myself holding my breath to make sure I can still hear him breathing! I haven't got to the stage where I'm holding a mirror under his nose to see if it fogs up but I do feel a little neurotic.  I'm finding myself wishing he wouldn't make all his crazy noises then when he's quiet wishing he would breathe a little louder.

Will we keep him in our room for 6 months, I'm honestly not sure - I think he might outgrow his Moses basket before then.  However there is no way I could put him in his own room at the moment (one reason being we don't have all the cotbed yet) but the other I think I might have even less sleep from constantly having the monitor pressed against my ear.