Thursday, 30 January 2014

Apocalyptic poo

Now we've had our fair share of full nappies but we hadn't really had any bad ones.

As we sat down to enjoy our Burns night supper of Haggis, neeps and tatties Baby M decided that he was going to make his own 'Ode to a Haggis'.

We had just sat down to eat and he was sitting in his bouncer chair and started to strain.  Usually when he poos he goes bright red and there's much huffing and puffing however this time he just strained twice and smiled (we should have known he was up to something!!).  Thinking he hadn't done anything we finished our tea (which was delicious as always).

Mr M picked up Baby M & said he was wet so we changed his nappy.

Baby M was wet but that wasn't what Mr M felt, he had done an apocalyptic poo which was coming out the sides & top of the nappy.  It was EVERYWHERE!!!  The vest was gone, we had to cut Baby M out of the vest as there was no way to get it off him without spreading the poo further.  The sleepsuit he was in was also covered, it probably was salvageable but we decided just to bin it.  Luckily Baby M has enough vests & sleepsuits that we could do this & thankfully they weren't our favourites either.

Since this poo Baby M seems to be pooing much more regularly, now on a daily basis.  Maybe this was his body having a clear out before hand or maybe he'd just stored loads up.  I will be glad of we don't have too many more nappies like that one!!