Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Post pregnancy weight battle

Now I know I only gave birth 7 weeks ago and I shouldn't be thinking about this yet but I am a woman and we constantly worry about our weight!

I have never been huge, I have always been a size 10 or 12.  I've always been quite active too, I enjoy running, zumba and cycling.  I even enjoyed going to the gym!

I know I should be proud of my lumps and bumps, they are there because I created my son but I do want to lose them.

If I was rich or a celebrity I could have asked for a tummy tuck whilst they carried out my C section (not sure you'd get that on the NHS though).  My tummy did go down quite quickly saying I wasn't breastfeeding for long but I am now left with a kind of shelf.  My belly feels saggy.  My bum is also huge!!

I have had to buy size 16 jeans from primark!! This might not seem a big deal to some and yes I know this is a First World Problem but I was gutted!!  Since I had my C  section I was a little limited in what I could do when I left hospital but eating wasn't on the no no list.

What can I do to lose this weight?!?  Well I have to wait another 5 or so weeks before I can undertake proper exercise due to the section.  By this I mean my running, yoga or zumba.  I have tried to go walking with Baby M as much as I can so I am doing something, although the weather doesn't always help.  With my mum being here to help us out (which was amazing!!) the cupboards were stocked with not so healthy foods like biscuits.  These are all now finished and I won't be buying anymore.

Mr M is going to play squash with a friend in the week so I have decided once I am able I will try and go for a run or cycle a couple of evenings a week.  When Baby M is sleeping or again in an evening when Mr M is around I am going to do my postnatal yoga, bums and tums or zumba DVD, this will help me tone up my belly and bum.  Hopefully with the mix of cardio and toning I will get my pre pregnancy body back, or at least something that resembles it with less sag!!!