Friday, 10 January 2014

1 month

I can't believe Baby M is a month old, the time has flown by but it also feels like he's been here forever.

It's been a hectic but amazing month - Mr M & I are still fumbling in the dark taking each day as it comes and feeling like we haven't a clue what we are doing.  Everyone keeps saying it'll get easier and we know it will - eventually.

Baby M has put on weight since he was born - he weighed 6lb 13oz when he was born and when he was last weighed by the health visitor he weighed 9lb 4oz.  Good boy!!!

He is now outgrown his newborn clothes but the 0-3 months are still too big in his arms and legs, he will grow into them though.

Baby M has also started smiling in the past few days, I mean proper smiling not "I have wind" smiles.  It melts your heart every time he smiles, I love it!!

He really enjoys tummy time and is able to lift his head up, he's had quite good head control for a week or so now.  He also kicks his legs about when on his tummy, which is bad news for the cat as I think he might be quite speedy once he crawls.  We also put him in his bouncer chair, he tolerates that for about 10 minutes before he gets grumpy.  He does enjoy giving the dangly monkey a good whack though.

Baby M seems fascinated by one of our lamps, he stares at it for ages, I often wonder what's going through his head when he's watching it.

Mr M has tried to get Baby M watching football and darts but we aren't interested in that yet, maybe he never will be!!