Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Buggy Buddy Clip - Review

We have the Britax Affinity travel system, it's great and we are so pleased with our choice but we have noticed that basket isn't that big.  When we have been out and about we have had the pram or car seat cover in the basket and it hasn't left too much room for bags.  I decided to look online to see what products were out there to help

I have seen the My Buggy Buddy clip before in my pregnancy searches online and thought I would investigate this further. 

You can pick a black, pink or blue clip - we went for blue as Baby M is a boy.  You can also get clips that are secure and lock if you are planning on leaving bags unattended on your pram or buggy.  We decided that we wouldn't be needing the locked version.  We bought one clip, we considered 2 but thought this might overload the pram. 

We bought our clip from Kiddicare but there are plenty of places you can buy the clip from, ours cost £4.50 but the RRP is £5.99.  There is also a large version if your pram/buggy has larger handle with RRP £6.99.  The lock version RRP is £8.99.

The clip is easy to put onto the handle of your pram/buggy and you can put it wherever you like, we ended up putting ours to the side slightly as we found bags got in the way of pushing if you put the clip in the middle of the handle as we still had our changing bag to consider. 

We went for a trip to Cheshire Oaks - a great place to check out the clip.  It was a very successful shopping trip and the clip did its job perfectly.  It was easy to use and it allows you to move around the shop without bags and buggy in hand.  Plus I had a c section and constant bending still isn't great for me, with the clip I didn't need to bend over.

Obviously you don't hang too many bags on the clip, you need to make sure the pram/buggy doesn't tip over.  Also you always remove the bags before you remove your child from the pram/buggy.

I would definitely recommend the clip, I have found it really useful!  I may consider buying another one for the other side of the pram in time.

Diclaimer: I purchased this product due to having an interest in it, the company have not been promised a review in exchange for this product.  The views are my own