Friday, 24 January 2014

Pink Lining Changing Bag Review

Before I even got pregnant I was eyeing up Pink Lining Changing Bags, I love them!!

Imagine my delight when I was pregnant and they had a sale!! I had to buy one!

I decided to buy the Blooming Gorgeous Tote in Green Dragonflies.  My logic behind this was that whilst Baby M was a boy I wanted a gender neutral colour incase we decided to have another child in the future. 

When it arrived I fell in love.  It is huge!!

The long strap is great for carrying around and for putting over the pram/buggy handles.  There are 2 side pockets which are easy to access, I have used these for dummies and for my mobile phone.  The front pocket is a popper and a good size, I keep my purse in there.

Inside the bag comes with a changing mat, which is very cute covered in cupcakes.  On one side there are 2 pockets for nappies and on the other there are 2 insulated pockets for your bottles - they can keep your bottles warm/cold for up to 4 hours.  No need for extra bags if you know you aren't going to be out all day!

There is an elasticated ribbon which you can use for your keys or a dummy.  There is a plastic see through bag which can be used for dirty nappies if you have nowhere else to put them.  And of course the beautiful bright pink lining!!

I also store change of clothes, wipes, bibs and muslin squares in the bag and have plenty of room to spare. 

I love my changing bag!! Yes I got it in the sale and full price they might seem a little pricey but I think they are worth it.  You want a changing bag that is going to last and is sturdy.  Plus with a baby you feel like you have to pack the kitchen sink to go anywhere, this bag is more than big enough for everything you need.  I would recommend this bag to all my friends.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this product due to my interest in it, at no time was I offered the product to review.  The views are my own