Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Britax Affinity Travel System - Review

We took a LONG time to pick our travel system.  First we decided that we wanted a travel system rather than buying everything separately, we thought it was more economical.  We did a lot of searching online then we went to shops to try and push some about.  There were ones that looked great online but when we actually saw them they were too bulky or looked hideous.

We decided to go with the Britax Affinity in Fossil Brown.  We went for brown as we thought it was gender neutral.

The travel system came with a car seat, pram and pushchair.  We went for the wheel section in black as we thought that dirt wouldn't show up on it too much and if it got scratched it wouldn't be as noticeable and we could resolve that with marker pen.

We also got a pram rain cover, pushchair rain cover, mattress and padded insert for the pushchair with the travel system.  We had to buy a rain cover for the car seat separately.  You could buy a changing bag to match if you liked but I had my Pink Lining changing bag and didn't particularly like the changing bag that came with the travel system anyway.

The car seat is great! It has a sunshade attached which we have had up quite a lot even though it isn't sunny.  The handle is operated by an easy to use button which allows you to move the handle.  There is also a button at the top of the handle which you use to release the car seat from the wheel base or the isofix base in the car.  We decided to buy the isofix base to give added security in the car but this is a personal choice.  We have a ford fiesta.  Size was something we had to consider when buying a travel system.  The wheels fit into the boot with some room still for bags.  When we have gone anywhere that we know we will be out for some time we have taken the pushchair rather than the pram as this takes up less room and can still be laid flat so Baby M isn't sitting upright. We put the pushchair against the back of the seats in the boot then the wheels in front

The pram is very spacious and the mattress is quite thick, which Baby M likes.  It has zip round cover to keep baby cosy and the hood has a little extending bit on it if you need more cover than what the hood itself provides.  The pushchair lies flat which is great for Baby M if we can't take the pram.  We did try the padded insert in but he looked really uncomfortable so we haven't used that again.  The pram and pushchair both easily attach and detach from the wheels via a clip in like system.   It is easy to move and feels really light, another thing we liked.  You can have the wheels free moving or locked.  The brake is easy to get to and use too.  The wheels fold down really easy, this was important for when I am on my own.  There are 2 levers on either side of the handle that you lift then push the wheels down and they fold up.  There is also a clip bit the holds the wheels folded.

We store our travel system under the stairs as it keeps things out of the way.  We don't have much room for storage so it was important that we got a travel system that was easy to store and didn't take up too much room. 

We love our travel system, it has everything we were looking for and when we are out and I look at other people's prams I don't wish I had what they have.  I look and think we made the right decision.  I would highly recommend the Britax Affinity to all my friends and family

Disclosure:  The views in this review are my own.  I bought this product because I believed it was the best product for our needs.