Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

I'm not usually big on New Year Resolutions - mainly because I generally break them by the end of January!! This year however with baby M's arrival I have some aims and hopes for 2014

I want to lose my baby weight, I didn't put much weight on during my pregnancy (thankfully my bump was mainly at the front) but my belly is now flabby & I feel like my bum and hips are huge!! Due to having a section I have to wait a little long then if I'd had a vaginal birth to make sure all my muscles are as they should be and everything has healed before I can do exercise.  As we live near the sea my plan is to go on daily walks with baby M to start with then once I can do proper exercise again I will be getting out on my bike (which I bought last year then didn't use as I found out I was pregnant not long after & I was petrified I'd fall off & hurt the baby).  I will also start running again, I had signed up for a half marathon last September (which at 6 months pregnant I didn't compete in).  Whilst I won't be fit enough to do that this year I think I will aim to do a 10k with the view of doing a half marathon next year.  I also have a post natal yoga DVD which I plan to do when baby M is sleeping after 12 weeks post section, this will help build and strengthen my core.

This will be my main focus of 2014.  I want to spend lots of time finding new things with baby M, living where we do there is a lot of touristy things for kids which we will take him to and also groups such as bounce & rhyme, baby massage & baby group.  I also want to go on trips away, we have a friend in the lakes who we will have to visit - the lakes are about an hour away from us and gorgeous. My folks caravan in Northumberland will be frequently visited this year I think, there are lots of things for us to see and do in the area.  We will hopefully visit both our parents, although due to Mr M's family living 4-5hrs away we won't be visiting them until baby M is a little older as the journey will be a lot for him

My maternity pay is rubbish so money will be tight this year.  I want to find out more ways which we can save money as a family.  I would also love to buy our own house, we have some savings but not enough for a deposit yet.  Maybe we can win the lottery!!!