Wednesday, 15 January 2014

GroEgg - Review

I had noticed GroEgg's whilst I was pregnant and thought they were a great idea but didn't really think we would need one - how wrong I was!!

The hospital is roasting hot but when you come home you get lots of literature about making sure baby isn't too hot when sleeping as this can increase the risk of SIDS.  When we came home from hospital we had our old windows in (we have since had them replaced which was interesting with a newborn).  This windows were really drafty so we had the temperature turned up on the heating to make sure Baby M didn't feel the draft.  This left the house feeling like a sauna!!

My mum googled (got to love the internet!) and found that the room should be between 16-20 degrees for Baby M, that's great but what does that feel like?!  We had no idea!

I had a look online and decided to buy the GroEgg.

The great thing about the GroEgg is that it doesn't just tell you the temperature but it also lights up different colours depending on that temperature to let you know whether it is safe for baby.  This is great in the night as it acts a little night light but you can also look up and see whether the room is too hot without looking at the specific temperature.  I wear glasses, my eyesight is horrendous, so in the night when I don't have my glasses or contacts in I can still tell whether the temperature is ok by the colour of the light

The blue light means the room in too cold, yellow is perfect temperature, orange is warm and red is hot. Easy!!

When we first got it Mr M thought it was faulty, he felt cold all the time.  We moved it to different rooms in the house to check whether it worked and the temperature did change.  I explained to Mr M that we were obviously used to the house being warm and we would have to wear more jumpers (which would save us on heating too!)

I've found the GroEgg invaluable and would definitely recommend it to all parents and new parents, it puts your mind at rest and you know that baby is in the right envirnoment

Disclaimer: I bought this product without contact from the company.  I have not informed them that I would be doing a review and the views in this post are my own.