Thursday, 5 December 2013

Beebies Baby Store Wish List

With bump's arrival imminent and (hopefully) before Christmas we have been looking at what we would place on a wish list.  Beebies Baby Store is a one stop shop website with a variety of must have items for any parent or parent-to-be.  The great thing is you can find lots of different things you need in one place.  They also offer free delivery which is an added bonus as some websites can charge a fortune to send you items.

So where to start our wishlist?!? There is definitely a great choice of items to choose from you can easily spend hours pondering what to buy (if you're like me!!)

Firstly I would choose Original Poodle Pod - Night owls which is £29.99.  I have only recently discovered Poodle Pod and think they are a great idea.  Baby looks so comfortable but also well supported.  You know that baby is safe (although you would never leave the baby alone).  I love the owl print, I think it is something a little different and something I think bump would enjoy.

Next on our wish life is the Parent Kneeling Mat, which costs £13.99.  We rent our house and the bathroom floor is not very pretty and it's tile.  In the middle of the floor there is a mosaic (don't ask!).  I can see it is going to be very uncomfortable kneeling on the floor to give bump a bath.  This kneeling mat would help solve that whilst also giving us a little height to be able to reach bump easier.  I love the multi-coloured look too, makes it a little more exciting

I love the Koo-di Sleep Sack (small), which is priced at £21.99.  I love the bright colours.  Having read alot of information about where/how to sleep baby I think this would be a great investment.  A Sleep Sack means he won't be able to kick of the covers and get himself tangled up.  2.5 tog is a good all year round tog meaning baby won't need any other layers.  As he will be born in the winter he will get good use of it.

We have been looking into letters for the nursery.  Our favourite name for bump is quite unusual and we won't be able to walk into a shop and buy things with his name on.  We want the first letter of his name for the wall, the Decorative Letter in Funky is just what we are looking for!!  For £10 I think it is well worth it!

Although bump won't be going into his cot initially (we have a moses basket) when he does we want it to be an area in which he can relax and sleep but also where he can entertain himself if need be.  The Caterpillar crib and cot toy costing £12.99 fits the bill.  Bump will be able to see himself and play with the toy but it isn't too big or stimulating that it will disturb his sleep.
No Christmas wish list would be complete without My First Christmas bauble (£4.99).  The great thing about this bauble is that even if bump is late we can use it next year.  I really want to buy him an outfit but that will have to wait until he is here.  We can keep the bauble as a memento and will have it on the tree every year.  My parents still have my first Christmas bauble on their tree!! 

Why not check out Beebie Baby Store yourself and see what you would like, why not create your own #AVeryBeebiesChristmas wish list