Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nursing Bras - how do you choose?

As I want to try breastfeeding I thought I should buy myself some nursing bras, but where do you start??!

There are sooo many to choose from!! And such a difference in price as well from about £9 to over £30 and that's for one bra!  Do I want to spend that much when I don't know if breastfeeding will work??

During my student days I worked in a well known lingerie store so have been trained in measuring bras.  It is definitely worth going to get yourself measured for your nursing bra as your breasts will get heavy and sore and you need to make sure you are well supported by a well fitting bra.  It is recommended that you get fitted for your nursing bra between weeks 36-37 as this is apparently when your ribs are at their widest.

You need a bra that you can unfasten easily and isn't too fiddly.  You need to make sure that your breast is easily accessible once you have unfastened the bra.  As with maternity bras it is recommended that you get an non-wired bra as underwired bras can cause your milk ducts to get blocked.  I also thought about getting bras I can wear during the day as well as sleeping bras for the night.

I scoured the internet looking into all the different bras there are available and decided that I didn't want to spend too much money due to the fact I wasn't sure if breastfeeding would be a success.  I decided to buy 2 day bras (one black and one white) and I bought a sleeping bra (nude).  I also won a bra which is more of a sleeping bra so will use that too.  If breastfeeding is a success then I will definitely be investing in good quality nursing bras. 

I have put one of my nursing bras in my hospital bag ready to be used after birth.  The dilemma of nursing tops has also caused me to spend hours scouring the internet but I have decided to buy some vest tops in big sizes to wear under tops I already have and my mum has given me some shirts of hers to borrow.  Again, if breastfeeding is a success I will invest in some tops that I can wear for breastfeeding as I am normally a dress girl and don't really own anything suitable.  Money is tight and I don't want to be buying things I don't end up using.