Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pregnancy Myths - can you bring on labour?

I was actually writing this post when I went into labour, I thought I would still write it though as I'm still not sure whether you can bring on labour.

As your due date nears many people give you advice on how they brought on labour.  

Eating pineapple was a popular method I was told, I ate quite a lot of pineapple with no effect, other than I got quite bad heartburn.

Hot curry is another favourite, again I had 2 hot curries in the 2 weeks before I gave birth, the only effect was that Mr M (who can't really manage his curry) was sweating buckets!!! 

People tell you that sex brings on labour, it's all to do with the chemicals in sperm (apparently!!).  I sure a man came up with this as (personally) I wasn't in the mood for sex and also positions were difficult. There's a huge bump in the way!! 

Raspberry leaf tea is another method, I'm not sure whether this had anything to do with my going into labour 6 days early or not.  I purchased some raspberry leaf tea on the Saturday, I didn't have my first cup until that evening as we had tickets to see Sarah Millican that night at Winter Gardens & I didn't want to miss it so had a cup when we got back.  (Sarah was hilarious by the way I would recommend going to see her shows!).  I had 3 cups on the Sunday then one cup the Monday morning and my contractions started 3 hours later.  This could all be coincidence I know. 

So is there any way to bring on labour?!? I'm still not sure but if I was to get pregnant again I would try the raspberry leaf tea again (I have nearly a full box which someone might get use out of as a few of my friends are pregnant). Is it psychologically or is it just the baby is ready? Who knows!!