Monday, 2 December 2013

38 weeks

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant, only 2 weeks to go!!! I keep giving bump pep talks to tell him not to be late!

Apparently bump now weighs about 3kg, he will not grow anymore in length but will continue to put on weight and build his fat stores.  He is about 50cm long (which is the same as a leek).

I think that my bump has definitely grown over the past week!! This was reinforced when I met 2 different friends who both commented that my bump was much bigger.  I also think it is rounder and fuller at the bottom, hopefully this means bump is making his way downwards.

I have been experiencing more Braxton Hicks, these seem to be more in the evening and night than any other time of the day.  I have also been experiencing a swollen right foot, this seems to ease when I have it elevated so I'm trying to keep mobile to get blood flowing but when I am sitting down put my foot up.  I am also drinking lots of water.  I am trying to use my exercise ball when I can to tilt my pelvis to help bump engage.

My sleep is still pretty rubbish, I now have to sleep upright in bed which isn't the best.  I can feel bump moving around but his movements have changed from forceful kicks to wriggles, probably due to the fact he has much less space to move about. 

We have the midwife on Thursday so I am hoping she will tell us he is more engaged and I had a visit from the breastfeeding support nurse today (see tomorrow's post).  Things are definitely moving along, I just want him here!