Thursday, 5 December 2013

38 weeks midwife appointment

Today we had our 38 week midwife appointment.  Was hoping to hear that bump was engaged!!

As usual the appointment started off with her checking my urine (all fine) and doing my blood pressure.  At first she used the machine, which I don't trust.  I've had too many odd readings throughout my career that I always do it manually.  When my BP came up on the machine as 130/70 I was a little concerned, thats high for me! I then explained my distrust of the machines and she did it manually, which came back as 90/50, much more like it.

I explained all my niggles - the feelings of pressure and pain between my legs, my swelling feet, etc.  I also voiced my concerns that although I have had some braxton hicks I haven't had many and those I have seem to be during the night.  My midwife reassured me that this is all normal at my stage of pregnancy (phew!).  She then felt bump and commented on the fact he seems to be all on my left side.  She then stated that maybe due to the pressure and weight on my left side I am compensating with my right leg and this is why my right foot is swelling.   My midwife checked to see whether bump was engaged - NO!!! He's still sitting on the brim of the pelvis.  I honestly could have burst into tears at that moment.  She tried to reassure me that once contractions start he could move down or as soon as he moved down contractions will start.  I was still disappointed.  Bump didn't like what she'd done to see if he was engaged as he then wouldn't stop wriggling, it took her a while to find his heartbeat but once she did she assured us he sounded fine.

We then discussed my next appointment and a sweep.  There were no appointments left for 2 weeks time so she asked whether I would come at the end of the clinic for a sweep.  I asked whether it would be possible for me to have one earlier in the week as I will already be 4 days over by that point.  At first she appeared reluctant but then after probably seeing the begging look in my eyes and after checking her diary she stated she could come and see me at home on 17th Dec then discuss with me then about going again after the clinic on the 19th.  I could have given her a hug!!! I agreed that sounds like a good idea.  She will phone me before hand to check a suitable time with me. 

I'm glad that everything is ok with bump and hes obviously very comfy where he is.  Hopefully I won't need the sweeps but its peace of mind that I know when they will happen.