Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Wow!!! What a week it has been!!!

This time last week I was waiting to find out whether I would be able to have a vaginal birth or whether I would be having a C section.

Last Monday as I was settling down to write my blog posts on being 39 weeks pregnant and whether you can bring on labour, I started to get twinges.  Being a wimp I thought these were just bad Braxton hicks but I had the urge to walk around so I did.  After an hour and the "twinges" getting worse I phoned my mum, I don't think at first she thought anything of what I was saying but as I started to pant down the phone she said she was packing her bag & coming down (my parents live 2 hours away just over the border in Scotland). 

Another hour passed and my pains were beginning to get worse, I phone Mr M at work and told him not to panic or come home but to let his boss know he might not be in tomorrow.  45 minutes later he appeared home.  Neither of us knew what was happening and the internet was a little confusing so we phoned the hospital.  They told us to time the contractions and phone back if they got unmanageable. My mum also text Mr M to say her & my dad were on their way.

I tried walking around and sitting on my exercise ball to help with the contractions, sitting was agony.  I tried lying on my side with Mr M massaging my back - it worked for a while.  My contractions were becoming more painful and more regular and although I wanted to wait for my parents I didn't think I could, at that moment they arrived and we phoned the hospital who told me to come in.  

When we arrived we went to the midwife led unit, I was checked and was 4cm dilated, this baby was coming!! The midwife (Jenny who was amazing!!!) ran the water in the pool & I got in with the gas & air. I had to eat before hand as I had started feeling very sick & hadn't eaten since lunchtime, I nearly choked on the scone my mum gave me.

I found the pool really relaxing and the gas & air helped, my contractions were getting worse but I could manage, although I did want to push.  After 2 hrs in the pool my waters broke, bad news the baby had pooed - not to worry he might not be far off being delivered.  30 minutes later no baby so we get transferred to the delivery suite - everything went downhill from then on.

Once at the delivery suite my contractions were unbearable I was in so much pain, I was given a spinal block - wow it's odd not being able to feel anything from your breasts down!!! 2 hours later I was given an epidural.  My epidural didn't end up being 100% effective as I felt like I had a very bad stitch on my right hand side.  Good news I could start to move my feet and legs again!!

7am (18 hrs after my contractions started at home) the contractions started to slow down.  I was 10cm dilated but the midwife thought baby was in a "funny" position.  The consultant was bleeped.  Following an examination I was put on a drip to get my contractions back to what they were and told they would be back in 2 hrs to check whether baby had changed position.  2 hrs later I was told to start pushing - which was odd as I couldn't feel my contractions so was reliant on the midwife telling me to push but also because I couldn't feel anything down below and I had no idea whether I was pushing right.

Following 2 hrs of pushing I was examined again - bad news baby was still in a bad position and wouldn't be delivered naturally.  I was told I would be taken to theatre and they would try to deliver him via forceps, however I might have to have a C section.  I signed all the paperwork and we were taken to theatre.  My dad's face was one of pure panic and we left him and my mum.  

In theatre everyone was lovely but efficient.  Mr M had to gown up and they gave me another spinal block - there go my legs again!!!! They examined me and decided a forceps delivery wouldn't work so I was having a C section.  Mr M had to leave the room whilst they got me sorted then came back in, he looked like he was going to pass out.  I tried to reassure him that everything was going to be ok.  

It was very strange having people in my stomach trying to get baby out, there was a lot of pushing and pulling then finally he was out and crying - Mr M and I burst into tears, he was here and he(sounded) ok.  The pediatrician checked him over and gave him the ok, Mr M cut the cord and they wrapped baby in blankets. 

We were so happy that our little bundle of joy was here!!!