Thursday, 14 August 2014

Nursery play date

Last week it was National Play Day.  We were invited by Baby M's soon to be nursery to pop along to one of their play sessions that day.

We thought it would be a nice way for us to go with Baby M before his settling in sessions and give him an introduction to the nursery in a fun way.

We decided to go to the session 10-11 as Mr M was starting work later that day and it would allow him to come with us.

Everyone was so welcoming at the nursery and they spoke to Baby M more than they spoke to us at first.  He seemed a little unsure and kept looking at us but he didn't cry.

They started with some messy play getting paints out.  We haven't done any messy play at home but Baby M started putting his hands in the paint and using some of the objects to bash onto the paper.  He made his first painting

We then moved into the play area and Baby M started playing with some of the many toys that were lying around.  This gave us the chance to ask a few more questions and discuss our worries.  More babies joined us and Baby M seemed to enjoy being in the circle with other children his age.

Baby M seemed to have a great time playing.

It also helped put our minds at ease a little bit.  We shall see how his settling in sessions go.

What did you do for National Play Day?