Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July Nonabox - Review

I have always been interested in monthly boxes, I used to get GlossyBox when it first started.  A box with baby goodies has always made me curious.

Nonabox had a 50% sale, I got a 3 monthly subscription for £37.50 (normally £75) - meaning each box cost £12.50 (normally £25).

My first box arrived at the end of July.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly (£8.80)
The Aloe Vera Gelly is reportedly great for irritated and scarred skin.  I have recently got an epilator (a competition win from the lovely Victoria's Vintage).  After epilating I applied the gelly, it definitely helped settle my skin down.  It did leave a film on my legs though which I ended up rubbing off after while.  Not sure I would buy this product again as there are others like it on the market which are cheaper

Organix Fruit Stars (1 bag Raspberry, 1 bag Blackcurrant) (59p each)
These sound amazing and we love Organix, however they are for children aged 12 months and upwards.  Baby M is only 7.5 months old.  I gave them to a friend who's daughter loved them.

Palmers - Skin Therapy Oil (£3.95)
The oil feels lightweight on your skin, which is great.  It's supposed to help the appearance of scars, stretch marks, damaged skin and uneven skin tone.  I have been using the oil on my section scar, we shall see if there's any change as it is really noticeable.  I love Palmer's so I'm hoping to notice some change, it's a reasonable price too

Linn Bodysuit (£18)
The bodysuit is so delicate and made from high quality cotton.  It's a sleeveless bodysuit so great for this weather.  I had no idea what the size was, all it says on the packaging is 12.  It fits though so it must be a 6-9 months.  The bodysuit is beige so goes under any outfit.  As I said it is really delicate, I don't really want to wash it as I'm worried it would ruin (daft I know).  Would I buy another?  At £18 probably not, unless it was a really special occasion.

Moltex Disposable bibs (price unknown)
I've searched for these on google and can't find them.  You get 10 bibs in a pack.  These are great for us and when we go to visit family or to my folks caravan we always take disposable bibs as it saves on washing.  These bibs even have a part you can fold up for catching spillage.  I can't wait to use these when we go to Ireland in a few weeks

Moltex Nappies (price unknown)
As the nappies are in a wrapper which has no English on it I'm not sure if these are swimming or normal nappies.  They look like swimming nappies and have sea creatures on them.  We are going swimming next weekend so will take the nappies with us.  We are weekly swimmers so will be able to compare them to our usual swim nappy.

Moltex Fresh Hand Wipes (price unknown)
These wipes were in a little pack of 15, I used them in my changing bag.  They were great, very moist and great for wiping hands and face after food.  As with every baby, Baby M gets food everywhere.  These were handy to clean him up and saved my normal wipes for bottom use only.

Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion (£7.99)
Baby Moments is a new line of products from Chicco.  The body lotion is suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin.  You only need a tiny amount and it absorbs really easily.  It smells lovely too.  I've used it on myself and Baby M and we both love it

As my box only cost £12.50 I did get value for money but there were products I probably wouldn't buy myself and the Organix Goodies weren't suitable.  I probably wouldn't have been happy if I had paid full price.  This was my first box so I am keen to see what's in the next box. 

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