Wednesday, 13 August 2014

8 months

Baby M was 8 months old on Sunday.  I say this every month but time is just flying by.

The last month seems to have gone so quick as he has achieved so much

He is able to stand for much longer holding onto furniture and tries to pull himself up to stand on us.  We have lowered his cot so that if he stands he doesn't topple out.  It's a good job as we found him sitting up in his cot one morning

His biggest achievement is that he is now crawling.  We are so proud as he has been trying so hard and getting so frustrated with himself.  We now have to have eyes in the back of our head and have done some baby proofing.

Crawling is bad news for the cat though, she seems to be target numero uno.  She's handling him so well though, she just bats him but never puts her claws out.

Baby M still likes to mainly be fed but he is sticking his hands in his food more and he put his water cup in his mouth all by himself.  We are continuing to give him his own spoon during meal times.  He loves his food! We are continuing to introduce finger foods as well as still feeding him jars.

We don't have any teeth yet but can see more white under his gums so hopefully they aren't far off.

He still loves to babble and now uses more sounds, his favourite at the moment is "V" sounds, he said Volvo to me the other day!

He's developing his personality too.  He's such a cheeky and smiley little boy.  He seems so content. He loves cuddles and kisses.  Tickling him gets a wonderful reaction, I love his laugh.  Baths are still a firm favourite with his splashing lots.  He is progressing really well with his swimming too, although we are now on a break for the holidays. 

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