Friday, 15 August 2014

Fire Brigade safety check

During one of our sessions at the local Sure Start Centre a safety check from the local fire brigade was offered.  I took up the offer as whilst neither of us smoke I still wanted to know that we are as safe as we can be

A local Community Fire Officer came to the house and carried out the safety check.  Our only fire alarm was at the top of the stairs and this was outdated (which is suspected it might be).  I was also informed we should have a fire alarm in the lower part of the house.

The fire officer fitted 2 new fire alarms for us, free of charge.  These fire alarms don't need their battery changed and are valid for 10 years.  She gave me the contact information of the company as there is an agreement that should there be any issues they will send a replacement, again free of charge.

We then discussed our exit plan.

I wasn't aware you didn't have to jump out of the window.  We don't have any safety windows upstairs.  However the fire officer informed me that the new smoke alarms are sensitive so 1) it would probably be highly unlikely that we would not be warned in advance so we could get out and 2) as long as you get into a room, shut the door and open a window the fire brigade will usually be with you before the fire develops to a degree where you would have to jump.

A risk assessment was completed and we were found to be low risk as we don't smoke and we don't use things such as chip pans.  Our most likeliest cause of a fire would be electrical so we talked about turning electrical items off, not leaving straightners on, etc.

We were given a leaflet with further information in

Baby M took an interest in this leaflet

I would highly recommend everyone have one of these checks carried out.  You might be surprised at what you discover.  It's good to know your risks and exit options.  Also the fact that they will check and fit fire alarms.  

Contact your local fire brigade or Sure Start Centre to arrange a visit

Have you had a fire safety check carried out?