Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Baby M's Developmental Check

We had Baby M's 7-9 month developmental check.  I wasn't really sure what to expect.

We haven't seen our health visitor since Baby M was 8 weeks old due to the fact she was off work.  Baby M kept looking at her with unsure eyes, can't really blame him.

Firstly she gave him some small blocks and watched him play with them. 

She then asked me a series of questions about how he moves, plays and eats. 

There is then a sheet she adds up the total 'scores' and she let us know how 'well' Baby M had done.

Seeing as the sheet was an 8 month questionnaire and he isn't 8 months old yet he did really well, I was very proud.  The only things he lost "marks" on was the fact that he won't feed himself a biscuit and he doesn't echo us back.

To be honest I'm not too worried about either, I think he enjoys being fed and whilst I have been continually trying him with finger foods I think it's something he will do in his own time and we just had to keep encouraging him.  As for the echoing, he babbles for Britain and we have constant nonsense conversations.  He also turns at his name and looks at me with puppy eyes when I say 'No' so I know there's nothing wrong with his hearing.

Baby M was also weighed and he's now 9kg - big growing boy!!

I know people say these tests aren't worth much and that you shouldn't worry about them but as a first time mum I found it really reassuring that Baby M is developing as he should.  Yes I know every child develops at their own pace but I worry that I'm not stimulating him enough or encouraging him do the right things.  It's good to know everything is well.

His next check will be at 2.5 years which seems ages away!!