Thursday, 7 August 2014

Birthday celebrations

I love birthdays!!

Whether it be mine, family members or friends.  They are a great time to celebrate that person.  I think they are much more important than Christmas as it's the day that person arrived in the world (I know some people who won't agree as they are Christmas mad!).

This year I turned 32.  After my 30th I haven't been as bothered by age, plus Mr M will always be just under 6 months older than me.

It was my first birthday as a mummy and I was really looking forward to spending the day with my 2 boys.  The perfect present!!!

I got lots of lovely cards but I adored the ones from Mr M and Baby M

I also got some lovely presents, I was a very lucky lady

We were at my folks caravan for the week so we decided to spend the day relaxing around the caravan.  This way I wouldn't have to drive (Mr M can't drive) and we could just chill out and spend time together.

My mum and dad arrived on the Friday and Mr M and I went out for a meal on the Saturday whilst they babysat, lovely.

When we got back the following weekend I arranged a night out with some friends.  I was a little worried that no-one would turn up.  However my good friends came and my sister-in-law came up from London.  It was great that she made the journey up, I feel we have definitely become closer in recent moths due to her visits to see Baby M.

We had a great night, lots of cocktails and Prosecco were consumed.  I had a shocking hangover the next day!!

Do love birthdays!