Thursday, 17 July 2014

Weaning update

Our weaning journey is continuing.

I know that Baby Led weaning is pushed but Baby M just isn't keen on it.  Maybe it's because he's a boy - people keep telling me boys are lazy.

As you know we started weaning when Baby M was just over 5 months.

I tried making my own purees but he just wasn't keen on them.  I had someone tell me it takes 10x or more for a baby to like something - REALLY?? Here's me trying everything once - NOT!  I tried for about 3 weeks with no luck so I turned to jars and pouches.

He loves them!

He's tried such a wider variety of tastes too than I would have been able to give him or even thought of.

When Baby M turned 7 months we started to introduce more lumpier jars/pouches.  We've had some funny reactions to the lumps but I think we are getting there.  He needs to understand that food isn't runny.

I give him a spoon as well as the one I'm using so he can feed himself if he likes.  He does sometimes hold onto the spoon I use and we feed him together (if I let go he lets go).  I praise him when he does hold onto the spoon and smile lots.  I also let him put his hands into the bowl and feel the food.  He has yet to put his fingers in his mouth to eat what's on his fingers.

I have also been giving him breadsticks and Heinz Biscotti - he loves to eat them when I hold them but won't feed himself.  I have some fruit pieces to try this week with him

He used to point blank refuse water but now he will take some from his cup but again when I hold it.  When I encourage him to do it himself he just throws it around banging it off the floor/seat.

He is slowly cutting out bottles himself.  At breakfast he has porridge and sometimes he will refuse a bottle after.  At lunch as well he will only have a 100-150ml bottle at times.

How have other mums found weaning?  Any tips to get Baby M to feed himself?