Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hevea Kawan teether - review

Baby M is in full teething mode at the moment.  I really hope they come through soon!!

We were sent a Hevea Kawan Teether to test and reivew.

Hevea is so called after the Latin name for Rubber Tree.

All their products are made from natural rubber and from a sustainable source.  The products are also biodegradable.

Because their products are made from natural rubber they are soft and pliable.  This was the first thing I noticed when I took the teether out of the packaging. 

The teether is called Kawan, which means Friend in Malay, the company has strong ties with Malaysia.

Baby M noticed the softness of the teether when I gave it to him, at first he didn't want to put it in his mouth.  After some encouragement he seemed to enjoy chewing the head and I think the softness of the head appealed to him.  All teethers you buy seem to be solid.

The teether is a great shape and Baby M was able to hold the teether easily and in various positions.

The texture on the beak and eye area seemed to help relieve Baby M's pain when he was having bad days, although there were times when he wouldn't chew the teether and appeared in a lot of pain.  Nothing seemed to help at these times apart from Calpol.

The Kawan teether isn't in the shops yet, it's due to be released very soon.  Without being in the shops it was shortlisted for the Loved by Parents Ethical Babycare Product award.

I would recommend this teether, it's the first that I've found that isn't solid.  It's also made from natural products so you know there aren't any hidden harmful chemicals in there.  I also love the shape!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review however I was sent the product free of charge to test and review.  All views are my own