Friday, 11 July 2014

Swimming Progress

Baby M has come on leaps and bounds recently in his swimming.  We are so proud of him

When we first started the pool was cold and he would get very upset about having to go underwater and even half way through his class would become upset.  He was wearing a wetsuit too.

Since we moved to the new pool he has been improving slowly and building his confidence again.  Our instructor has been amazing and a great support to both us and Baby M. 

At our last class he seemed to improve so much.  He did 3 underwater swims with no crying.  Big grins from mummy and daddy.  He is holding onto the side himself.  His kicking is fantastic too, he's always kicking his little legs. 

The best thing though is now when we get into the pool he has a big grin on his face and starts splashing and laughing in the pool

We're so proud of our little water baby