Thursday, 10 July 2014

7 months old

Baby M is 7 months old today

I say this every month but time is flying!!!

Baby M has come along so much in the past month.  He can now sit up all by himself - even at the baby groups other mums have commented on how sturdy he is when he's sitting.

We still aren't crawling yet but he is getting there.  His legs go and then he stops and puts his arms into the push up position.  When he realises he needs to do both then I think he will be off.  He can move in circles and backwards.  He also does cot gymnastics, he's never where we put him at night.  He's usually found up at the top of the cot on his front so he must wriggle himself up there some how.  He's in a sleeping bag too!

Although we are probably a long way off walking he loves being in his walker and goes backwards.  Over the past few days he's also started bouncing A LOT.  I think he's turning into Tigger.

We are now trying lumpier foods.  We've introduced water - Baby M isn't that keen but with the hot weather has been drinking it occasionally.  I've also been trying to give him biscotti - he'd rather mush it in his hands but will suck on it when I hold it for him.  Is this a lazy boy trick?

Baby M is much more aware of his surroundings and is still such a giggly smiley boy.  Whenever anyone meets him for the first time they comment on how happy he is.

I look forward to discovering what the next month has in store for us all