Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I'm back

I've been using the time since my last blog to seriously think about my blogging future.

After reading other bloggers posts about their blogging futures I realised that I'm not alone and that as parents we do enjoy beating ourselves up!!

These posts plus chats with my blogging friends, mainly the lovely Gemma of Confessions of a nagging mother I realised that I don't have to be Super Mum and do it all.

I'm going to blog when I can and not beat myself up if I don't do a post every day.  I'm going to make sure the posts I do write have my full effort into them and not just write posts because I feel I should.

Ok I might not win awards and maybe I won't be one of the "top" bloggers out there but I am going to do my best.  My main focus is enjoying spending time with Baby M and being the best mum to him I can be.  Our time together and family time are my top priority, everything else comes secondary.

I've got lots of posts planned including our amazing trip to Italy, Baby M's swimming transformation and fun days out we've had. So please come back soon