Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mummy guilt of leaving baby behind

Tomorrow we go to Italy until Sunday - without Baby M

Mr M won the trip last year and the company have let us take us this year as I was quite near my due date last year and couldn't fly.

My mum is coming down to look after Baby M so he will still be at home and in surrounding he knows and he loves my mum.  I think she's really excited about Granny time with him

I do feel really guilty about leaving him though.

The break will be lovely and some quality time for me and Mr M together will be great.  As we don't have family where we live we haven't really been out just us in a LONG time.

I still feel guilty though

I know he will be fine and well looked after but I still feel terrible leaving him.

Has anyone else been away without Baby?  How did you cope?

 Obviously I won't be blogging when I'm in Italy so I will be back blogging next Tuesday, have a great weekend all!