Friday, 6 June 2014

Half Marathon training - week 6

This week I managed 3 runs.  I also did 2 days of ab blaster Nike Training App. 

I've also started the 30 days Abs Challenge.  It's something else that will help me get my goals and gives me focus.  A lot of my friends are doing it too

My distance was a 2.6 miles run followed by two 3 mile runs.  I'm finding the first part of my run the hardest, once I've done about half a mile I feel much better and get into my stride and enjoy the run.

I'm still using my FitBit and finding it a great motivator.  I try every ay to beat the number of steps I did the previous day.  The weather has been nice so I've been out walking every day 2-3 miles pushing Baby M in his pushchair, on top of my runs.

I also met a friend of a friend on a night out who has just joined a running group and is also looking for a running partner.  Whilst I don't think we would be able to go on every run together is good to have someone to go out with every so often.  I'm looking at whether the running group is something I would be able to do too.

We are going to my inlaws this weekend and I wasn't going to take my running stuff due to not knowing the area but there is a main road I could run so I'm going to take my stuff and hopefully get out.  I have no idea the distance but at least I will be running.  We will be doing plenty of walking even if I don't get out for a run

Looking forward to getting out for at least 4 runs next week