Monday, 16 June 2014

6 months old - that's half a year!

I can't believe Baby M is 6 months old!! I know I say this every month but time is flying!!

Baby M is becoming more and more interested in his surroundings.  He is fascinated by his reflection and loves watching himself on the ipad when we Facetime family.  He grabs hold of the ipad and tries to "kiss" himself - so cute!!!

His hand/eye coordination is getting much better too.  With help he's been putting shapes in the right holes with his toy (we have a genius!)

He is able to sit up by himself for much longer.  There have been a few face plants but always onto something soft so he hasn't hurt himself yet.  He has to learn to put his hands out to stop himself - we can't wrap him in cotton wool.

He loves rolling and now when we go into him in the morning he is sleeping on his front.  I have to say it worries me about whether he can breathe but he has always preferred sleeping on his front when he can so I'm not surprised he gets himself into this position.

He is trying to crawl and gets mad with himself when he can't.  He lifts his head up really high but then when he moves his legs he lets his arms go out to the side.  Once he realises he needs to combine both together I think he will be off.  He's lifting his bum well off the ground and getting his legs underneath himself.

He likes being in his walker, I don't put him in it for too long as I know it's not great for development.  He stamps his feet on the ground like he's running but hasn't moved forward yet - he's gone backwards a few times though.

Standing is still his favourite thing to do, he loves standing on the carpet and grass, I think he likes the feeling under his feet.  He will pull himself up to stand on us.

We still have no teeth, I wish they would hurry up!! He seems in pain at times and chews on his fists/toys/us. 

We are well on our weaning journey.  He has 3 meals a day - or should I say tastes a day.  He is eating more and more each week.  He doesn't seem to like my cooking, preferring jars and pouches.  I feel like a bit of a failure as a mum when I give him a jar, there so much pressure on making your own.  I think it will be easier when he's on finger foods and can have things a bit more lumpy.  I keep trying him with water but he really isn't impressed.  Perseverance Mummy!!

We've just been talking to the inlaws about having them for Christmas - I can't believe he will be 1 by then!! Time slow down please!!!